The Last Horse Shifter||✔️

The Last Horse Shifter||✔️

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Isabelle is a horse shifter, she's a double crossbreed she's half Friesian, half Black Forest and half pegasus. She's very rare and lives her life as a race horse, one race her rider dies, belle runs away and learns a secret about her that she doesn't know, she's royal and a legendary pegasus that could stop a massive war between the good and bad people. 


OH MEH GOD! He he haaaa!!!!! 

WARNING: this book may contain the word mule ass, a lot because of my language. 
 This is a collection of my horses:

  • alpha
  • horse
  • luna
  • mare
  • shifter
  • stallion
  • werehorse
  • werewolf
Little_Random_Demon Little_Random_Demon May 12, 2016
My name is  Isabelle and I like my name and my fav color is blue and my fav animal is housea hose
IdaStilinski IdaStilinski Sep 23, 2016
Omg it's so beautiful omg i wanna rude it (omg my dirty mind is killin' me)