I GET OFF ON THE PAIN (Book 1 Ben and Tim's story) (BOYxBOY)

I GET OFF ON THE PAIN (Book 1 Ben and Tim's story) (BOYxBOY)

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Meet   Luke, Chance, Ben and Tim. Two brothers and two friends. Luke and Chance are brothers and along with Ben Their friend are competing to be the last man standing. There they meet Tim who is also competing . There all loving the adrenaline and the power they feel atop a great big bull. Who can tame the bull and stay on for 8 seconds and who will bite the dust.

Along the way they meet some sexy buckle bunny's more that willing to give them a good time any where and any time.

But while trying to tame the beast will they find love, heart ache or just some broken bones.



Some creative loving in some creative places....

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SleeplessInChicago SleeplessInChicago Jul 14, 2013
                              Thanks :)
                              Try reading them through wattpad.com and not the app. Only then can you see the pics.
Sherrie1972 Sherrie1972 Jul 14, 2013
Ur storys r addictive!! I love each and everyone and really enjoy how all the characters r n the nxt series i start. The only problem im having is it wont show me their pics of ur characters. Besides that great work!!!!!
FanFanaticxx FanFanaticxx Jun 09, 2013
ahaha i bet you can make a whole separate book just based on explaining all of your characters and how they relate to EVERYONE
SleeplessInChicago SleeplessInChicago Jun 09, 2013
                              Now imagine what it was like for me to write :o
FanFanaticxx FanFanaticxx Jun 09, 2013
I just started reading your stories and i love them .. But his one is getting so intense and it has so many characters that i have i written cue cards for them ... Relationships, A family tree, and description.. lol i am actually very proud
SleeplessInChicago SleeplessInChicago Feb 20, 2012
                              I was going to suggest it but figured if you really loved my stories you would find it on your own..'