Sadly • ot4 calm

Sadly • ot4 calm

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kc ✨ By notparker Updated 3 days ago

❝What are you doing here?❞

❝Sadly, all four of us, are in love with you.❞

❝There's three of us.❞

❝I was just counting Calum himself.❞


Where three friends all fall for a self obsessed jerk who just plays with their hearts for fun. 

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Wait what about in Muke bc like that's my life so I'm just curious
-Bandlands- -Bandlands- Jan 30
Wait is this scary because it's 1:25am and I'm trying not to have anymore nightmares because I just watched this scary movie and I get scared easily
mgcthood mgcthood Nov 13, 2015
this is the most professional thing i've ever read in all the months ive been in wattpad