Kidnapped, Beat, and Now a Slave

Kidnapped, Beat, and Now a Slave

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Madison By Insaneperson Updated Feb 13, 2011

Kidnapped, Beat, and Now a Slave info

A/N I have decided to be a really, really nice person and give all of you awesome fans a little back ground information on Crystal. Please comment and vote on the previous chapters and this little blurb. Fowling are some questions and answers that some of you might ask.


Q.Is it easy for Crystal to use her powers? 

A. Yes 

Q. Does she not have them under control? 

A. No, she can use them with ease and Crimson uses that to his advantage. 

Q.  And does she wear her "uniform" thing to school? 

A. A modified version.

Character info

Crimson is an arrogant jerk, and is rich and stuff. He thinks all humans are inferior. He has multiple slaves, but he uses Crystal for his amusement most often. He is 217. 

Crystal is weakish. She has had a hard life, before she was kidnapped by Crimson, in fact getting kidnapped by crimson was the highlight in life. 

I can't remember if I wrote this down or not, but if she wants not to be his slave all ...

Let me guess a dampier is a vampire that s damper then a damp vampire
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I don't mean to be rude 
                              It's really bitchy of me to say anything. It's none of my business. I just take these things to heart and it really upsets me
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Omg u r insulting Edward Cullen 😡 don't judge me.....😊twilight is the reason I love vampire to the unlimited
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That is just lame* since alot of people here are feeling insulted i think this phrase would keep everyone happy :)
ugh no one cares about sparkly vampires anyway. But sparkling is not gay. It's stupid, sure, but definitely not gay.
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Just please reconsider the use of the phrase "that's just gay" because I'm just gay and rather unfortunately I don't sparkle