5sos ageplay stories

5sos ageplay stories

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QUEEN By Mikeysmybro Updated Feb 05, 2017

Ashton: 4 year old headspace 
Michael: papa 
Luke: dada 
Ashton's pov
This morning, daddy woke me up saying that we had to go to and interview. That meant that I has to be a big boy. *sigh*. I love being little Ashy though. 
"Hey buddy, what do you want for breakfast?"  Papa said kissing my forehead. I shrugged. Soon dada came downstairs, and we ate. Then dada took me upstairs to change me.
"Ashy buddy I know you don't like it, but you have to be a big boy today." Dada said. I sighed. "Okay" within a few minutes i was back to normal ole me. "Ashton?" "Luke?" "Okay lets go down stairs." Da.. luke said.

"Hey little buddy!" Michael exclaimed picking me up putting me on his hip.

"Michael put me down. I am a grown man." I said.

"Ya know I like little Ashton better, he's nicer." Michael said.

"Yeah I like him too." I mumbled. We all got in the car and got to the place where the interview was going to be. We got here 10 minutes early so we waited in the dressing room. I got up...

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romione2004 romione2004 Apr 03
Me when I’m with a kid😂 “oh we Can totally watch the shining!”
SamXsaM101 SamXsaM101 Dec 21, 2016
What an age appropriate movie 50 shades of gray 😂😂😂😂😂
You dont have to take a bath lol, I was raised in Louisiana where we always played outside and when we got dirty we would just get sprayed off with the water hose😂