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B.B. Gallagher By bbgallagher Completed

A former #1 AMAZON Kindle download! A Wattpad Featured story. Project Sparta is "Maze Runner" meets "The Bourne Identity".

As soon as Xander Whitt entered the Compound, he no longer existed. 

Alongside nine other adolescent prodigies, he would be forged into the US government's deadliest weapon - no matter the cost.

Five years after Project Sparta, Xander hunts a rising terrorist, code-named Agent Zero, who is plotting an attack on Washington, DC. 

With the clock ticking, Xander and his fellow recruits must play Agent Zero's game of cat and mouse to stop the attack before it is too late.

But when the Spartans discover Agent Zero is one of them, who can Xander trust?

Tagraman Tagraman Dec 04, 2016
To my understanding, It in not possible to defeat terrorists ourself.
Scribbly_1 Scribbly_1 Feb 23, 2016
Well, o don't know about the rest, but Agent Zero is a Marvel original character from X-men enterprise
volcanicvicky18 volcanicvicky18 Jul 14, 2016
If strong nations stop crushing the weaker ones and people are given moral education, only then
sb239roxx sb239roxx Jul 28, 2016
great story....
                              pls check out my story i started....
TjLawson21 TjLawson21 Mar 16, 2016
We accept that we all worship one God in different forms n ways but no one is willing to do it or will get over there pride n ignorance to do so
krishnapriya23 krishnapriya23 Jan 26, 2016
To me the solution lies in the two things.
                              1.Economic equality
                              2. Vasudeva kudumbakam. Where everyone in the universe is considered as our family member.
                              Counter terrorism is only a temporary fix.
                              "    "