Madara's Daughter

Madara's Daughter

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*Temporary Covers*

The man growls as he saw the small bundle at his -unloved- wife.

"A girl?!" He roars. 

His wife eyes widen as her gently grip slightly tighten on her baby.

"Madara-sama please it will be alright you have a beautiful dau-"

"Shut up!" "Having a GIRL as the heiress to the Clan will not be allowed."

He snatched the child out the woman's hands as she stared wide eyed fearfully.

"This is a disgrace. Never had a GIRL been born first in the main family you wench." He growled and tighten the grip on the girl as her face contorted in discomfort at all the yelling and the harshness of her new born skin but strangely didn't cry.

The woman parted her lips as if to speak but was cut off with a scream as she unconsciously clutched Madara hand.

Nurses rushed past gettin ready with another quilt.

"Another's coming!"

... "It's a boy!"

Madara smirked. And with a single hand performed a jutsu as a white aura came about.

And with a single glance threw the baby girl in. 

"We have a HEIR."

WARNING: There will be only 4 Original Characters. Yes one is Melody. The other 3 are family members.

heroiic heroiic Sep 08, 2016
I know that feeling too Madara.  when u tell ur dying wife she is just a side hoę when really ur a 16 year old female who gets friendzoned by all your crushes.
YurioIsSoCute YurioIsSoCute Nov 20, 2016
Hello! If you would want to read a good and original 'Itachi's Daughter' fan-fiction than please read my stories. Thank you very much! <33
Le_Cookie_Jar Le_Cookie_Jar Oct 25, 2016
Best father ever~!
                              Let's have a round of applause for Mr. Díckface over here, everyone~!!!
heroiic heroiic Sep 08, 2016
I never thought it was possible but I sweat dropped irl. It was after reading this chapter and running 23km and There were like 10 sweat drops on the ground. It was so ani-mazing.
Le_Cookie_Jar Le_Cookie_Jar Oct 25, 2016
How lovely *pulls out a lollipop cuz everyone seems to be eating now*
HinaaLove HinaaLove Jan 04
OHH we got a FUCKBOY*Grabs a whole ton of snacks and locks door*
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