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It All Started At The Kissing Booth [On Hold]

It All Started At The Kissing Booth [On Hold]

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lovecomesfirst By lovecomesfirst Updated Nov 19, 2013

"You are mine." He orders.             "N-no." I stammer.   "Deny it all you want. But I know what's mine and what's not." He says with a growl.                 "But I am NOT YOURS!" I scream at him.         "We'll see about that." He sneers.  He pulls me closer and crashes his lips to mine.    *              *              *                *               *               *               *               *                  Meet Diana Moore. You're ordinary 17 year old heartbroken high school teenager. Yup! You heard me. Poor Diana got her heart broken by her boyfriend, Dale, who cheated on her with the high school slut Stacy, just the night of her birthday. Sucks, ain't it?    Trying to get away from all this mess, she decides to change schools and start fresh. But it all changes when she meets Jax Gales in the carnival. Right after the day of her birthday. At the kissing booth. Where her Ex-boyfriend is around.    But it looks like Dale isn't ready to let go of Diana. He wants her back, alright.  Being  the egoistic male he is, he has a row with Jax. And from then on things don't go on the same as Diana wished it would.   Join in the fun, humorous and confusing life of Diana Moore as she uncovers mysteries that even she never knew existed.

bgrtmskd bgrtmskd Nov 26, 2015
Interesting,but I feel sorry for the girl cos of the boy forcing her to kiss him or love him or whatever
Baby_Birdie Baby_Birdie Jun 13, 2014
I think you should change the rating on here from G to PG-13. Yeah, right now it's rated G...
kaykay23 kaykay23 Aug 27, 2013
yeah yeah thats everyones excuse so they have the same voice? wouldnt u be able to tell if something was different?
lovecomesfirst lovecomesfirst Apr 13, 2013
@Badgerette13 Thanks! This chapter was longer but something happened and have the things i wrote got deleted :( Read it again. i added a few parts in the end.
Badgieboss Badgieboss Apr 13, 2013
This is really good :] I have ben following your stories and, I really honestly can't wait for another chapter... Good Job!