Whipped Love(BWWM)

Whipped Love(BWWM)

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TheLovelyMisfit By TheLovelyMisfit Completed

"You're the prettiest nigger girl I've ever seen." I looked him in the eyes and his eyes widened. "What's wrong with you?"
"I'm sorry master." He glared at me. "Thank you master." He was still glaring at me. Why is he shooting those beautiful green daggers at me? What did I do? 
"Get in the house and go to the living room!." He growled. "Now!" And that's when I remembered.. Never look a white man in the eyes..

 Jasmine Houston. An African-American woman. Beautiful, but people look pass that when they realize she's one of the greatest and smartest scientists in the U.S. Rude, a smart ass, and quite the shit talker. Jasmine actually made the worlds first ever time machine. It actually worked, but you could only go into the past and present. Smart girl. What's the dumbest thing she did? She was sent back to slave times with no way back.

Meet Nicholas Graham.  Caucasian male with deadly green daggers and a dangerous temper and attitude. What will happen when the smartass meets her match?

YoungnBeautiful_1 YoungnBeautiful_1 Feb 12, 2016
This book was really great it was different and refreshing instead of a typical bwwm