I'm Not a Slut, I Swear

I'm Not a Slut, I Swear

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I wrote this to focus on the crazy difference between the standards of a male versus the standards of a female. 

Alice cheated on her boyfriend who now hates her and will stop at nothing to ruin her reputation. 

No, wait...the whole school hates her. 

How does the girl thought of as a "slut" find love again? 

Trick question. 

She doesn't. 

So why not focus on destroying the boy who destroyed her instead? 


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WhoreQueen WhoreQueen 2 days ago
What she did was not okay, but calling her a slut? Damn dude, gotta explain me your definition.
- - May 25
So guys can be in a relationship and seem like a fûçkïñg hero but the moment a girl is in a relationship and kisses another man she's a słût. Ok I see how this contradicting as fûçk world works
B-senpai B-senpai Jun 11
Who cares about the definition of slut,
                              Why should people care about how many guys a girl has slept with in her life?
                              Why does it matter?
                              Why does it make you feel less special knowing you're not the first?
                              Why do we still refer to people as sluts in 2016?
                              Why everything?
unsmokeable unsmokeable Feb 28
thats why ur daddy calls me at 2am lmao gonna collect all yall life insurance
She said they didn't fùck, geez lay off with the slut stuff
I am not saying cheating is right because it is not. But, he had no right to call her a slut.