From Lust to Love

From Lust to Love

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Missmarie57 By Missmarie57 Completed

''Mali you have to pick , its either neither of us or both of us "
"Make your choice or lose us "
"fine i pick..."

After Malisol mom passes away , she didn't expect her dad to fall in love a year after , especially not with the mother of the blaine , powers , war and men , what could go wrong? ;)

WARNING : This story contains mature themes, sex, violence and rape , please read at your own discretion.

Author Note : I hope you all give my book a chance , I will update frequently .
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    raisha203 raisha203 Sep 02
    Wow I thought this was a non supernatural book but I like it
    - - Aug 06, 2016
    plot thickens -sweet quick narrative and intro Missmarie....more
    sassyrere sassyrere Jun 02, 2016
    Please hurry and update it sounds reallt interesting already, i got so angry when i saw that the book had to be continued, hurry nd update. Mali