The Dark Revenge

The Dark Revenge

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WARNING! Fetus writing over here! Read if you wanna

Lisanna came back from "the dead" (alas she isn't the cause of the whole 'Leaving Lucy thing'

She was very kind to Lucy, they became friends when they first met
But then everyone turned their backs on her just because they found something out
Lucy is Zeref's... Sister? 
Lucy was devastated, she couldn't handle the pain and runs away with someone by her side.

Edit: Sept 10 2016, this is my first book. I find it really bad and want to delete it. But I want to keep it to remind me how long of a way I cam from.

Edit #2: June 3 3017, this was written way before I knew Natsu was Zeref's brother, i don't think they even revealed it in the manga yet? So please don't go and keep commenting on how it's incest.

Jinxxlove Jinxxlove Apr 12
*goes to corner* oh hey Tamaki. Love problems huh. Oh me? Well I said a wrong answer to a 'question' so now I'm upset. *starts growing mushrooms*
wait if Zeref  is Lucy's brother doesn't that mean Natsu is Lucy's brother as well............. CRAP
i_cant_think_of_one i_cant_think_of_one Jul 01, 2016
Wait then like how long has she been training beacause time moves a lot slower their than in the real world. Or are you making time equal for this story?
Yukino, if you live in the mountains, and there are mountain lions or something, how the hell are you going to protect yourself?!
Lucy_Dragonslayer Lucy_Dragonslayer Sep 11, 2016
Zeref is cool to be the Lucy saw but MAVIS I double awesome.
anime4life18 anime4life18 Aug 14, 2016
You know what? When I saw this fanfiction I was like: 'OMG! THIS SHÏT IS BANANAS! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!