The Unique Luna

The Unique Luna

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Ashley By Ashley_1_ Updated Jan 25, 2016

Chloe Hall is a fifteen year old girl. She had a normal life, well aside from her being a werewolf and her brother being an alpha it was a normal life. But when she learns something that she wasn't supposed to on her sixteenth birthday, she runs away from home and begins living the life of a rogue.

What happens when she ran away from home on her sixteenth birthday? Why do she ran away? What is the secret the people around her are keeping away from her? Will she find out? Or will she stay in the dark side her whole life?

(I guess you must read to find out.)

~~~~~ After the I unexpected meeting with Ryan I ran away from him, the meeting bond is really strange, I feel like a bullet pierced through my heart. When I made it to the car tears were falling down from both my eyes and couldn't stop. This is the bond the mates share, even though I just met him today as my mate.

I sat on the driver's seat and switched on the engine and drove as far away as possible from his territory.

'I'm going to protect him' ~~~~~

Life isn't fair, it's just harder than death itself. But if you believe you have the power to change things for the better, you can and you will.

Sentences are just made of words, words are made of letters and letters means nothing to me. I'm a person of actions not a person of words, I fight to have something to live for, not fight because I want to. I cry when fear controls me not because that's what I wanted. I shout because of the pressure I live in not because I'm spoiled. I laugh because if I take life as hard as it really is, it'll just grow harder. I smile to lighten up my mood and other's too.

Don't judge me, because you definitely don't know anything about me.


(This story was started at 30th of September, 2015)

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😂😂 I have a character in my book named Logan and he has blonde hair and green eyes lol 😜 what a coincidence haha