Wait... I'm the alphas mate?Oh no

Wait... I'm the alphas mate?Oh no

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Alyssia McKenna By Lissydoll02 Updated Apr 06

"You know what!"
"You're such a leprechaun!"
He was about to say something when he realized what I just said
"What?" He asked confused 
"Well. Smurfs are shit and leprechauns awesome and my star sign rhymes with leprechaun so that's cool, and just like a leprechaun werewolves are considered mythical creatures to humans,  it since all you wear are tight tops with the tightest jeans and like to watch the notebook a lot, then you must be a gay leprechaun however since you're also an Alpha so that must mean you're the king of all leprechauns" I said nodding in approval 

Just then Riley ran in hugging me saying how happy he is that I'm living with him. But when I was about to respond hat when what I said clicked in Aces head 

Sure 🙄

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forever_yours_186 forever_yours_186 Jun 23, 2017
Lmao the song Wild Thoughts came up on my playlist while I was reading 😜😂😂
MaggieHarrison23 MaggieHarrison23 May 20, 2017
@Annabeth1916 even tho I don't have a boyfriend #singlife my friends do that to me
Typically_Nerdy Typically_Nerdy Aug 08, 2016
All my friends are saying that she reminds them of me ...........sad thing is its true.
lockwood_mendes lockwood_mendes Jan 07, 2017
Sheesh haven't you noticed that when you have a bf all boys seem to want to flirt with you and when you don't have a bf , not even one boy notices you
Lissydoll02 Lissydoll02 Jun 20, 2016
Thank u for the comments I no I need to work on my grammar but I'm so used to text talk. Plus I tried to write quicker because it was taking so long x
alanaholbrox alanaholbrox Dec 30, 2016
Hey, would you like me to edit for you? I'm kind of a grammar nazi and I'd love to help. Let me know :)