Percy Jackson teaches at Hogwarts

Percy Jackson teaches at Hogwarts

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accio potatoe is a good name By Dam_fandom_feels Updated Jun 06

All campers celebrate their victory over Gaia. All but Percy. His friends,his family gone. Percy is alone. Chiron notices this and has a talk with a few friends. They decide to send Percy to a school to teach. Give him time to calm down. But this  is no ordinary school........

When Percy arrives at Hogwarts the golden trio are very curious,wondering why such a young person is teaching. They dig deep trying to find all percys secrets. But has their curiosity just brought more trouble?

Well it wouldn't be Hogwarts without trouble.

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again i ask the question
                              HOW TF DO THEIR.WANDS FIT IN THEIR JEAN POCKETS
NooseString NooseString Jul 09
Whenever anyone says the pain is going to go away, its been forever and I can't get forget you, it doesn't matter when I try it happens anyway. It's been forever and I can't forget you
                              With every single day it won't go away the way I feel about you
ptxpjo ptxpjo Mar 12
I just got this of wizards just doing maths instead of magic. Defeating Voldemort with the power of trigonometry!
Watch percy have said "that's impossible" to the teaching part not the witches and wizards part 😂
Nico: I washed my clothes and had a shower for her memory
                              Percy: thankyou she would be yankfulk that you did that
When is Nick never not dressed like there's a bloody funeral ?!?!?!