Run Dry (Peterick Mpreg)

Run Dry (Peterick Mpreg)

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Patrick's  Pov

I'm so excited, the guys and I agreed to come back from the hiatus. Soul Punk was an amazing experience during these past years, but I really miss the music we made from Fall Out Boy. The fans, have enjoyed listening to our music from our new album Save Rock and Roll, that tomorrow is our first day back on tour as a band. Also Panic! And Twenty-One pilots agreed to join us.

"Done packing, babe?"

I felt to arms wrapped around my waist, I turn around and smiled "All done... In going to miss you so much Elisa."

"Me too" she says kissing me gently on the lips."The guys and  Meagan are here, do you still want to tell them the great news?"

I nodded, "Of course, I want the whole world to know even!" she laughed, "Let's go tell them then."

We went downstairs,  Pete, Joe, Andy, and Meagan were all in the living room. "Hey guys!"

"Patrick! You ready for tomorrow?" "Yeah, I can't wait to share the stage again, Trohman."

"And speaking about tour, Elisa and I have something v...

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Alphabet_Hatter Alphabet_Hatter Nov 03, 2017
Hm so Josh and Ty are doing the sex and Andy and Joe are getting high on vegan cocaine
PrettyInBandom PrettyInBandom Sep 19, 2017
I love irl Elisa a lot but this is a Peterick fanfic so buh bye Felicia
papiray papiray Oct 21, 2017
*cries hysterically while wearing Black Parade jacket and WTTBP plays in the background
joshlerbiatch joshlerbiatch Jun 22, 2017
AlexIsNotFrench AlexIsNotFrench Sep 30, 2017
Elisa i love you, you are my queen but this is a peterick story so could you like....i dont know....leave?
heavydirtybreathing heavydirtybreathing Jul 02, 2017
1) andy and joe are doing the secks
                              2) MY SMOL BEANS
                              3) sPencEr hUosk