Konoha's Loss

Konoha's Loss

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Sakura is the strongest Anbu Captain of all anbu history. Her life was perfect in her way of view. A life wanted by many anbus. She has broken the record of the strongest Anbu Captain in the history of Anbu captains. She had a perfect boyfriend and perfect friends.

Then, suddenly... Team Taka has arrived at Konoha and a old team mate has came back.
Sakura's entire life changes because of one person.

Lies have been made.
Made rumours have been spread.
Glares have been in contact.
Only a group of friends and a lover that she can trust.

What will Sakura do when she has had enough?
Will she leave?
Will she hurt someone?
What will she do?

Read to find out........

I don't not own Naruto

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Moniece_Demi Moniece_Demi Oct 15, 2017
Me: ITASAKU~~~~~ is sailing perfectly captain 
                              Captain: Good just keep on reading to see what happen
                              Me: Hai
                              Me: CAPTAIN I SPOTTED SOMETHING
                              Captain: What is it????
                              Me: a BITCH 
                              Captain: huh??!!!
                              Me: Her name is KARIN THE BITCHY
0_Gone_0 0_Gone_0 May 11, 2017
Wait wait wait wait wait....Tobi? Itachi?
                              When the hell did they get here??!!
Sakura_Nara_Hyuga Sakura_Nara_Hyuga Jul 12, 2016
Luv it , & yay , all my fav ships , even tho I like SasuSaku , Nejisaku. It's all good Becuz I also lil all those ships. Good job
Animelvr912 Animelvr912 May 15, 2016
That's totally OOC cuz practically other than naruto ino and sakura nobody else cares about sasuke