Ring Around the Rosie

Ring Around the Rosie

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Claire Kann By ClaireKann Completed

Rosie can see the dead--and they don't want to be seen. After moving away to outrun the ghosts tormenting her, she reunites with the other half of her family, and (unfortunately) Wyatt, the boy she swore to hate forever. It's just her (bad) luck that her only hope is the boy she hates, who wants nothing to do with the paranormal world.

Wyatt is the world's laziest clairvoyant. He'd rather spend time with his friends than embrace a destiny he isn't equipped to handle. His mom was a legend, the best in their field, and with the amount of power Wyatt has he won't be following in those footsteps anytime soon. But when Rosie is attacked by ghosts and begs him to keep her problem a secret, for some reason he can't say no to her.

Rosie wants to learn more about her power and Wyatt is dead set against it, preferring to be her knight in clairvoyant armor. Can they overcome their past, survive the ghostly menace, and resist falling for each other?

Great start to the first paragraph of the first chapter 😲😍
This paragraph is brilliant! So descriptive, it sounds so cool!
monoba monoba Aug 02
Thought he was talking about the mysterious god all mighty and savior, 707.
CMNcreate CMNcreate Nov 01, 2016
Good writer either reads a lot, writes a lot, or both. You must be doing one of these. I love the way you write. :)
sujee- sujee- Jan 23
I've neveeer clicked  so fast in my life, I saw Rosie and i was like O.O That's meeee
AnnieIrish AnnieIrish Feb 10
Really scary beginning! Your writing makes it very easy to picture the scene and the ghost she sees!!