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KareBearStare By KareBearStare Completed

Hello again my friends, and welcome to my latest long-format story. This one is gonna be a bit different. It is very very VERY AU, so just go with it as it's set in a fictional world and time. It hopefully goes without saying that this is 1000% fiction and anything here about real people is just a story and doesn't necessarily represent them or even my opinion of them. Cool? Okay. 

Credit for that insane book cover goes to the incredibly talented @Eliak22. I gave her one pic and half of an idea and she completely nailed it. My plan is to showcase her and other artists throughout the story, so be on the lookout for that. 

I expect this will be a fair bit smuttier than my other long stories, for those of your thirsty folk. But it definitely does have plot for those of you that skim the other stuff. I won't put warnings up cuz it's just not my style, haha. 

Also, Scomavilex. You're welcome.

i love this joke, it reminds me of when i was in Scrooge: The Musical, because that was one of the lines we had
wolfgrrl21 wolfgrrl21 Mar 15
I hate backwards thinking like this. Women can do anything if they put their mind to it.
- - Aug 09, 2016
here we go again, can't wait to read this masterpiece again🙊
Sickness? Excuse me while a find a rhinoceros to throw at the queen's face
ptxmargie ptxmargie Feb 23
we both know why I'm back and I'm mad so you better prepare yourself for lots of yelling :)
AvisMySenpai AvisMySenpai Jul 17, 2016
" why have bread when you can have cake?" Said the most ignorant Queen to the poor people of France, Marie Antoinette.
                              This joke reminded me of her. Lol