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I Love Racing...But Why Do I Have To Pretend To Be A Boy

I Love Racing...But Why Do I Have To Pretend To Be A Boy

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Alicia By swimchick180 Updated Jan 28, 2013

Mia Creaton is a girl who likes to get in trouble, but hides a big secret that only her best friend, Alina, knows. She is a racer. Her parents feell that racing should only be done by boys, so Mia dresses up as a boy and goes by the name Micah Dousler. But what happens when the famous racer, Hayden Kin, meets the racer known as Micah and wants to find out his story. Only trouble can come out of it...and possibly love!!!

xxMillennia2019xx xxMillennia2019xx Apr 02, 2016
Longest title on Wattpad goes to... lol jk keep writing babe always
so_messed_up so_messed_up Apr 19, 2015
I always wanted to have purple eyes such is actually called Alexandria’s genesis. it's really cool.
Zeyno0968 Zeyno0968 Oct 25, 2014
Dont stoooppp .... u are so good :P please continue dont stop pleaaaasee ♥ it
Zeyno0968 Zeyno0968 Oct 25, 2014
I loved it so much i love this kind of stories <3 but u have to spell words correctly but otherwise it is AWESOMEPLEASE CONTINUE WRITING A BOOK... IT DOESNT MATTER HOW UR STORY IS BUT THATS THE WAY U ARE... I LOVE UR STYLE... SENSE OF WRITING THANK YOUUU
KaiPad KaiPad Jan 24, 2012
this is hillarious!, because.. my auntie is called mia.. and her husband is called micah..  you just need a starzia and an ethan.... (my cuzans)
KahnesGirl KahnesGirl Aug 04, 2010
I really liked it! I feel the same way as her! I really wanna race and my parents wont let me cause they say its for guys and girls shouldnt do it! Anyway continue writing please! I would love to read all of it! Thanks