Expect Something {BillDip Fanfic}

Expect Something {BillDip Fanfic}

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Cecilia Kirkland By myotpisnotstraight Updated May 13

After 6 years of finishing High School on Piedmont, Mabel and Dipper Pines came back to Gravity Falls. But with a huge surprise they will witness.

"Dipper is a girl!?"

A huge misunderstanding it is. But, setting that aside, After 6 years of disappearance of Bill Cipher, he came back from who knows where, hearing that his beloved Pine Tree is back.

What will happen actually? Seeing Dipper different to what he has expected. Will this stir something different? Or something, dangerous?

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Mines Blue, sky blue, light blue and... any kinds of Blue? ...Dipper? xD
Do you know if there is a translation into Spanish? pleace! (I am using google translator xd)