My Name is NOT Cupcake (#Wattys2016)

My Name is NOT Cupcake (#Wattys2016)

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Nova Moore always does the right thing. She's always made the grade and she's finally reaping the benefits. Until she wanders to where she probably shouldn't have and runs into Elias Madsen. He's secretive and mysterious, but seems to care a great deal for Nova. So much that he kidnaps her. Of course, everyone has their secrets. 


"Why are you being so nice to me? Aren't I supposed to be your prisoner or something?" I asked confused. He smirked that brain-melting smirk as he stopped. 

"What would be the point of being inhospitable? You are my guest, cupcake," he answered before leaving. 

"My name is not cupcake!" I yelled after him. I could hear his distant chuckle from inside the room as the door locked behind him. 


Just flipping perfect.

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CalmIs4TP CalmIs4TP May 30, 2017
Plot twist: Masons is cheating.    on her
                              With her brother.
It would take me half my lifespan..... my parents would still say no 😂😂💀💀
ShinningJay ShinningJay Feb 21
Perfection isn't real only a fabrication for the hell underneath
kisslove17 kisslove17 Apr 18
Once you feel this break up with your boyfriend cuz it means you have no allegiance to anyone.
ZaynieBear ZaynieBear Mar 12
Idk why being a virgin is such a big deal? Like someone pls tell me
ZaynieBear ZaynieBear Mar 12
                              THEY WANNA SEE U IN A PENITENTIARY