History of Deeplight - Humal Revolution

History of Deeplight - Humal Revolution

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Raichi By Raichi Updated Oct 12, 2010

History of Deeplight 341ABC-345ABC
Humal Revolution
This book takes place in a different world. The existence of Planet Earth was in danger, therefore humans space travelled light-years to finally find a new liveable planet, Deeplight. However, this planet was already inhabited, by creatures humans called: humals. They took advantage out of the humals until they build their own empire, the suppression had started and the revolution is about to begin. 

It starts with Karkarji, taught about humans and humals by his uncle. 
Find out how one person can start such a big change in the history of this planet, how humans influenced Deeplight and it's inhabitants and how the revolution will take place, in an interesting, heart-warming story for young(parental discretion is advised) and old.

Deeplight's year count:
A=million 1.000.000
B=thousand 1000
C=hundred 100
D=ten 10
E=one 1

341ABC = 300A + 40B + 1C = 300.040.100  

Genre: science fiction, fantasy, adventure, humour
Maturity: violence, racism, sex (PG how much is for you to decide)

Note: It's been a year or two since I wrote the first few chapters. They read more like an animation script then a book, which will change as chapters are added.

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