The 6th S-Class Mage ||Fairy Tail

The 6th S-Class Mage ||Fairy Tail

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『Despair』 By callmeallysa Updated May 17

Akari Fuyuki, at long last, comes back home after the completion of her S-Class Mission. She warmly welcomes the new members of the family but new enemies are bound to spring and show up soon.

Will she be able to protect her family and home from the hands of a mage believed to be a myth?

Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail and the characters in it. Hiro Mashima, an awesome manga creator and author is the one who owns them. I don't own the photos used for the cover.

[Cover by: callmeallysa]

||Editing with Alteration & Added Mysteries||

I thought that said Riding a Titan Back to Magnolia. Aot fvcked up my life
LokiTricksterAvalon LokiTricksterAvalon Apr 30, 2015
ER mah GERD!!! You spelled 'thank you' in Japanese correctly!!!!! Yay!!!!!