Stay The Night(Levi x reader)

Stay The Night(Levi x reader)

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basic_levi By basic_levi Updated Jul 13

"Ok I think its about time for me to go home" I said as I stood up to take my leave but levi stopped me

"Levi? What is it?" I asked 

"I um was wondering if you uhhh wanted to stay the night?" He asked. You thought for a moment 'It wouldn't be that bad would it?' you asked yourself

"Sure" i said

(Im turning this into a thug levi x reader)

I LOVE the concept so far!! It's so natural and cute to read, thanks for writing~
Yesss they understand us!!!!! THANK FRECKLED JESUS 😁😫😖
I like the beginning A LOT and omg I wish my mom had that much money  😂😂 Can't wait for Levi!
Animekia Animekia Mar 07
Black Canadian, willing to learn Japanese at ANY given time (I love it) 😭
Dr_Animoo Dr_Animoo Jan 17
I get so freaking triggered when people use "U" and "ur" *shudders*
ι σиℓу ѕнσρ αт ℓєνι'ѕ αи∂ ι ωєαя ʝєαи'ѕ ʝєαиѕ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)