One wish [Killua x reader]

One wish [Killua x reader]

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If you're granted one wish.. 
Will it be a mansion?
Will it be world domination? 
Will it be.. A new life? 

After all those things and desires you could have wished for, you wished for something different, no more like a someone. Someone who would always be there for you, whether you're sad or angry. 

But that wish will only last for 9 months.

Wait....... Natsu has pink hair, Lucy is blonde, but im a brunette......... As in DARK BROWN HAIR, this logic though
I was drinking water then I spit it out while reading this XD
- - Sep 16
I feel like I'm watching some kind of magical girl movie
All areas of magic. Forget about "only being able to learn one kind". I'll learn all of it
There are people who are thinking of Barbie when the 'pink river dolphin' was mentioned, and then there's me who thought of Go Diego Go (sad I know) where Diego found a couple of pink river dolphins
Firstly, your first wish should be having an unlimited amount of wishes. Secondly, your next wish should be the ability to choose how long you want your wishes to last