Highschool  || Camren ||

Highschool || Camren ||

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Thirsty? By Camrencola Updated Jul 29, 2017

Lauren Jauregui is Coastal Miami High's varsity girls basketball captain. She is a straight-A student who has a knack for music and art. Laurens out and proud and she has girls all over her, but she rarely notices them. You see Lauren has had a crush on this girl since middle school and since then she hasn't seen anyone else in the same light. 
Camila Cabello is Miss Popular and Cheer captain. She's not afraid to be who she is, which happens to be a clumsy nerd, but she is however afraid to admit her sexuality. 

Camila's cheer at practice goes all wrong and she comes toppling to the ground, only to be saved by a certain green eyed girl who made her question her sexuality in the first place.

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OmarDean OmarDean Sep 01, 2017
That's kind of nice, the fact that your body reacts to it's other half's warmth subconsciously without even recognizing who it belongs to.
BTR , Jelena , Norminah , Camren ... Yo I think I luv you 😂😂❤❤
franlvd franlvd Jan 11
cheerleaders in seventh grade for their basketball team? never heard of it lmao
OmarDean OmarDean Sep 01, 2017
Camila "plays for THAT team" ;-)  Sorry, but your gay started showing since seventh grade lmao
This Is Jut Like that Andi Mack Episode Bash Mitzvah Where Walker comes in and Jonah Feels Hurt😂 I'M Way to Young to be this Hurt😂😁😂😂
OmarDean OmarDean Sep 01, 2017
Nowadays seventh graders be like "I like, TOTALLY lost my virginity with Bryson yesterday!!!! And he didn't even bring a condom! I should probably be pregnant by now!!! OUR PARENTS ARE TOTALLY GOING TO GROUND US!!!*sobs*"