The Blood Upon The Brigana (on hold)

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Tristian (AKA super blanket man -,-) By Sekirei107 Updated 5 years ago
In the year 2552, there was a nuclear explosion in a major factory town. Every one who lived there worked in one. It was mostly chemicals and nuclear plants. So when it exploded it caused major death around the world. few were able to survive. they started to grow into communities along a small area
              Animal population was not effected in the least for some odd reason. but there were those who mated with them. to their great surprise it worked.
             Once they were pregnant it took that of only a few months for their children to be born. They were human in form, but also had the skills of the animal. That of a human/lion hybrid walked and talked like a human, however, they had manes and fur, and lions teeth.  but not all had beded an animal. The humans that thought it as disgusting withdrew into the wild, cutting off all contact to the world.
              There were also a select few who were chosen by an angel. Their children, the nephilimin, were rare indeed. They were put in charge of the peace.  Each village that had one or more voted in a nephilimin to the Council of Yolin.
               Many years passed as the council grew in size and number.  Their magic grew in strength. They soon summoned the dragons of the Arikion. These evil tyrants slaughter most of the council and established rule. To keep their power they had their own children. These hybrid form of dragons, became the guards and army. They gave much freedom to their loyal servants but cracked down hard on the rebels. they hated the humans but kept a few to make more soldiers. They drove the humans into even further seclusion. One dragon however hated his bretheren and went into seclusion also after they kill all but the last nephilimin.
                The last of them was a seer. he saw the birth of another. one who would instigate a rebellion. one who would lead the the downfall of the immortal  monarchs.
               After 350 years of waiting, an angel descended from the heavens, and c
@WildRoses lol havent changed the descrip since it was posted... ill do that now... Xd i did have a problem portraying the charcter, he came across either bi-polar or a bit cold.... his emotions were everywhere... and most of my stories, the first words are either imagery or violence, and i was just desperate to get this out.. ty soo much for commenting...