Wrong Username [PHAN]

Wrong Username [PHAN]

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hay-den By haydenelliss Updated Apr 10, 2016

new chat with nyanphil.

nyanphil: danielle?

danielhowell: No.

nyanphil: oops. 

nyanphil: wrong username.

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[Sequel: Adopted By Phan]

Everyone has Dan and phill profile pictures and I'm over here like "I'm ready"
looking at the oh so original comments rn never seemed so good
-saltysuga -saltysuga Nov 10, 2016
okay this is rly cute but if this was irl I would be pïssing myself tbh like I'd be so scared lmao
Why tf you lyin 
                              Why you always lying
                              Omg stop fuckin lying
                              Always lying to me
                              You lyin so much
                              You making it hard for me
Emma_isnotonfire_ Emma_isnotonfire_ Dec 06, 2016
Yes ik dan is cute but YOU HAVEN'T EVEN MET HIM YET! and poor Dan, I would shat myself if someone I didn't know told me that!
Phanic_With_TylerDun Phanic_With_TylerDun Nov 30, 2016
Me when someone gives me a compliment....
                              Actually, that is kinda sad xD
                              (Like my life)