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Roommates with the Prince of the School (A NaLu Fanfic)

Roommates with the Prince of the School (A NaLu Fanfic)

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Omelet By llamacorn456 Updated Jan 09

Lucy Heartfilia is an intelligent girl who was homeschooled most of her life. So going to Fiore High was a huge step for her. Especially moving into the dorms there.
Though a bigger step for her was meeting Natsu Dragneel.

Their first encounter was when she bumped into him In the hall. 

Then their second was when he accidentally stumbled into her room while she was changing.

Pretty big leap isn't it? Well how about having to share a dorm room with him?
Oh and did I mention he's Prince of the school?
K? K.

mercy_and_pusheeen mercy_and_pusheeen Dec 05, 2016
Nastu, we get that you sneak in to Lucy's house and sleep in her bed but this is too far
Anonymous_fiend Anonymous_fiend Nov 06, 2016
Lol. I fail while writing stories too. When I saw the way you where writing I was like,"what a minute she does the same type of crap I do" anyway......GOODLUCK!!!
AProudOtaku4ever AProudOtaku4ever Jun 02, 2016
The situation reminds me of the anime of Ufo baby or daa daa daa in first episode but it's happened in the bathroom Hahaha it's my favourite anime
Nashi: Daddy? How'd you meet Mommy?
                              Natsu: I saw her...opening up to the world?
snowfall10000 snowfall10000 May 31, 2016
this always happens why does he come in at the perfect timing
xXxFlameHeartxXx xXxFlameHeartxXx Jun 14, 2016