The Kidnapper Who Refused To Kill Me (watty awards 2012)

The Kidnapper Who Refused To Kill Me (watty awards 2012)

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Audrey Smith is a normal teenage girl - other then the fact that her parents are wealthy and famous. 

She's kidnapped by a masked man with piercing blue eyes in the middle of the night, and is pushed around by him. When the kidnapper's boss orders him to kill her, he can't do it - he just can't. He takes Audrey and escapes with her, risking his job and his life. 

Will they both survive, or will they get caught by the boss? Read 'The Kidnapper That Refused To Kill Me' to find out!

  • blue
  • brunette
  • eyes
  • romance
  • shorts
maddiegirl334 maddiegirl334 Mar 13, 2013
this was really amazing. I stayed up all night on a school night reading it. it just hooked me. I liked how there was true love in this between the two<3
book_hook book_hook Sep 16, 2011
@XxjaklinaxX wish that was me! LOOOOOOOOOOOOL. naaw it's Audrey and thankyou im glad you like it! :D
book_hook book_hook Aug 25, 2011
@ahseuqaL okay. dw about it! :) 
                              I'm ok with the cover I made (my current one) but if you'd still like to make one... by all means , go ahead. (: dw about it of u don't want to or can't find the time. I completely understand.
book_hook book_hook Aug 23, 2011
@HasiVA oh.. well I thought the cover I had was kind of boring... but you're right. I guess I'll keep that one. 
                              the names good too ? 
                              okay well thanks for the help ! :) means a lot.
HasiVA HasiVA Aug 23, 2011
umm... what about the cover u already hav? And I like everything the way it is, including the title!! =D