Broken // Derek Hale~Stiles Stilinski {Book 2}

Broken // Derek Hale~Stiles Stilinski {Book 2}

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TouchMyDarkMark By regulusblagh Updated Jul 10, 2016

[ BOOK 2 ]

"I was this broken girl... I still am broken. But I'm working on it, alright?" 

Amelia Lahey is back and stronger than ever. 

The town of Beacon Hills is quiet, the pack finally thinks they got a break. But Amelia knows otherwise. Between training a new werewolf, searching for their missing pack members and preparing for a war she knows they can't win. Is there any way that this could go downhill, or is the road to destruction just beginning?

  • derek
  • hale
  • isaac
  • lahey
  • mccall
  • scott
  • stiles
  • stilinski
  • teen
  • werewolf
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Zephxr Zephxr Dec 09, 2017
Why do I ship her and Stiles more than I ship her and Derek right now...