Fallen Wolves

Fallen Wolves

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Hec Daevis By HecDaevis Completed

Even as a young werewolf, Jeremy's life had always been a struggle against the tragedies and hatred that  constantly stood on his way to happiness. With a cruel mate, a blown-out war with rogues, and the mystery of The Reagon Pack, he must fight in order to make it out alive.

He's heavyhearted and clueless as to what the future has in store; although, maybe it's in his best interest not to know.

Book One: Heavyhearted [Completed]
Book Two: Wandering Wolves [COMING SOON!]

Warning: Dark Themes, Graphic Violent Content, Mature Content

senjuku senjuku Jul 14
Bruh he ain't even do anything to you and you're gonna say he ruined your life? Boooiiiii
3y3brows 3y3brows 4 days ago
That line kinda hits you when you think about it. When you think about it, I don't think most prostitutes wanna be prostitutes but have to do because of lack of money, education etc. And all we do is shiz on them for trying to provide themselves.
LilQuacker LilQuacker Aug 02
Dang I just started this book and I already want to kill someone 🤗
YourBFF231 YourBFF231 Jul 09
I forgot how much of an a$$hole he was, but don't worry, he gets better
boi at least in your so called world you get mates , but here alot of people end up being alone. @$%@#$#<">#$#">@$%@#$#</a>
Collecter45 Collecter45 Jun 29
.....have they ever thought of leaving and becomeing a human if their a "weak wolf " they would be kinda like a human anyway