Fallen Wolves

Fallen Wolves

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Hec Daevis By HecDaevis Completed

Even as a young werewolf, Jeremy's life had always been a struggle against the tragedies and hatred that  constantly stood on his way to happiness. With a cruel mate, a blown-out war with rogues, and the mystery of The Reagon Pack, he must fight in order to make it out alive.

He's heavyhearted and clueless as to what the future has in store; although, maybe it's in his best interest not to know.

Book One: Heavyhearted [Completed]
Book Two: Wandering Wolves [COMING SOON!]

Warning: Dark Themes, Graphic Violent Content, Mature Content

Gurrrl you wolves out there having mates and here i am being human still lookin at guys who wear grey sweatpants
i dont get why the omegas are looked down on.. i saw on the internet they mostly wanted by every ( male ) werewolf because no matter the gender the can give birth. but this is my second time reading this, love the book.
Second time reading! One of my favorite books! I also follow Hec on snapchat, cause I'm a stalker like that :/ lol I love you hec
Dude take a chill pill, without you he'll suffer and without him you'll suffer, your stuck together so don't be a dick
gurrrrl we're 5 minutes into being an alpah's son and dammmnn boyy u goin rough already betta use it in bed
Well it's his own funeral if his mate dies he will to eventually