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Akise Aru x Reader

Akise Aru x Reader

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Totoro By LarryTheLookout Updated Dec 25, 2015

You decided to play the little game Deus made because you thought it would be fun, and since he was an imaginary friend of mine it wouldn't be real,
But when you realize the game is true you freak out. The next day at school, one of the diary holders stab you, you thought you were going to die someone saved you from being killed...

Groggynop Groggynop Dec 17, 2016
Why is my best friend instantly a girl? Yeah, this reader character is a girl but.... As a kid my closest and best friends were those of my opposite gender...
death_angel_shadow death_angel_shadow Apr 10, 2016
Actualy Darcyphina in japan they pronounce it muromuro in english murmur
anime_is_cats115 anime_is_cats115 Jun 28, 2016
The room that was described is basically what my room looks like
AnimeKonata AnimeKonata Sep 24, 2016
Well @TheDarkDemonDog  it was nice knowing you. You, were danpire, you
rainbowlly rainbowlly Jan 08
Oh no I'll be in the game but purple is my fav color and yeah I love detective conan too
Pingas030 Pingas030 Jun 28, 2016
What's weird is I did consider suicide, but not for the same reasons, and my beat friend was there for me, but she's not dead. I'd kill for my best friend. I've kinda been her bodyguard-like best friend since childhood and I'd die for her.