BROKEN ROAD (wincest)

BROKEN ROAD (wincest)

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priestly By StormOfStories Updated Mar 10, 2017

Saving each other, hunting themselves. Family abomination. 
(for lack of a better summarization.)


Chapter length varies. 
Switches perspective a lot.

This is about two brothers who are gay for each other. If you don't like it, then don't read.

Other warnings/disclaimers: I do not own these characters or anything to do with Supernatural. This is obviously a fanfiction for slash fans. Sexual content, violence, swearing, self harm, depression, anxiety, and maybe suicidal thoughts/actions are in this story.

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Thank you so much for clarifying! Missy people just toss one out there and we have no idea what season it is until we hear either bunker or motel. Weird right?
i_dxnt_knxw_hxw i_dxnt_knxw_hxw Jun 04, 2017
my legs are dangling off the edge and the bottom of this bottle is my only friend