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It's hard to get by when your best friend died. 

{twenty one pilots fanfiction}
trigger warning


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-jennaajoseph -jennaajoseph Apr 29, 2017
i make myself more upset to help myself when i'm sad sometimes and it works
katieisahoe katieisahoe Jul 13, 2017
that's how it better be tbh. i literally won't be able to survive without this music.
randomshnaz randomshnaz Apr 05, 2017
Tyler's not happy cuz josh gone so when Tyler's not looking she'll look triggered af
SomeoneElsesSleep SomeoneElsesSleep May 19, 2017
This makes me feel like I'm the dead friend... And this makes me never want to ever end my life. Ever.
blurryais blurryais Mar 31, 2017
is it bad that when i first read the bio i thought it was tyler going to die not josh oops i want to die
container_of_bleach container_of_bleach Aug 06, 2017
                              JOSH DIED 
                              JOSH WAS HIS WORLD