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The Great White Lion (boyxboy) (LEO - BOOK 1)

The Great White Lion (boyxboy) (LEO - BOOK 1)

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°Orion° By MoonlitFigures Completed

There was a boy with a red scarf in the village. 
   Some would say he was weak. He wasn't the type to train with his teachers or maybe even hunt for food in the mountains. He was there with his mother, little sister, and his two best friends. How dangerous could that be?
   There was a village up the mountains, neutral territory, called Meridth. This village contained the magician's power of taming beasts, or simply put, Beast Tamers. They say you only have one spirit partner your entire life. Only the strongest of animals were linked with the strongest of tamers.
   How did the boy with the red scarf get linked with a legend?
   The legend of the great snow lions scared everyone. They were able to perform magic just like them, even giving them a human appearance to ward off predators of humankind. They were intelligent, ruthless, dominating, and the king of the pride. There was only one white lion left.
   One day, a man was caught snooping around the village. The man spotted the boy in the red scarf and just knew.
   He was the one. 
   The powerful lion knew that the boy in the red scarf was him, his savior, his reason.
   Finally, the legendary beast met his tamer. 

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_Wolf_Spirit_ _Wolf_Spirit_ Jul 11, 2016
This is the best story I read it's magical it has animals its AWESOME!!!😄
NuttyThenutjob NuttyThenutjob Mar 17, 2016
Wait wait.. Raja means king in Indonesian.. are you Indonesian?
shoey102 shoey102 Aug 11, 2016
That would be hetera 😂 get it?? Cuz she is goddess of cross roads 😏
MoonlitFigures MoonlitFigures Mar 17, 2016
Actually, I was thinking of a name to give him, and Raja seemed to fit since it was an idea from my favorite book series, Tiger's Curse. I had no idea it was king in Indonenisn, and it's funny because that just made plans for this story a whole lot interesting. Thanks for telling me!
logencecea logencecea Feb 22
Ah! That's why the name is so familiar! Raja is the name of Jasmine's tiger.