Yugioh x reader

Yugioh x reader

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Lexi/Panda girl/SwettiePie By GirlThatLuvsAnime Updated May 15, 2016

XD my first story here.
For begging I'm gonna do a shorter story because I'm little lazy :P

It was just another weekend that you were excited about. 
With all your friends you decided to  have a sleepover at Joey's house. 
You were really happy since last few weekends you couldn't be with your friends because you had to do a big project for school. 

-time skip to saturday afternoon-

You were first at Joey's place so you went up to Serenity's room and you two were talking about things 
When everybody showed up, you and Serenity came downstairs. 
You were surprised, that there wasn't a lot of them at all.
Yugi was there. Joey, Tristan and Duke.
Where's Tea? You asked.
Yugi told that she went on vacation to her cousin for a few days.
(and no one actually missed Bakura - [author did XD])
So you decided to play truth or dare.
My turn! Joey yelled. 
So y/n, truth or dare?
(you liked dares better but you were just too nervus. Joey knew about your crus...

Asanator22 Asanator22 Mar 23, 2016
Can you please make one of Yugi Moto,Yami Yugi,Pharaoh Atemu and Heba please?
When I first read it I though it said yami wanted to kiss Duke 😂
tedi_ch-12 tedi_ch-12 Feb 02
PoeticPrincess317 PoeticPrincess317 Oct 28, 2015