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Levi X Wolf!Male! reader

Levi X Wolf!Male! reader

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Canis Wolfe By ScarletOHarrah Updated Dec 04, 2015

You are a wolf in the attack on titan era. You have modified 3DMG gear and watch the human squads. One day, you come upon Levis squad and see them destroy a titan. You take an interest in the human squad. I'm terrible at summary's and I have no idea how to describe this story. Just read it please. Also I have never watched(or read for that matter) Attack on Titan but I do know the general story line so I'll try my best, but obviously this will not be based on the series, although I will reference it time to time.

I mistook all those 'thump's for 'trump'. I've never so scared before.
emmaw3004 emmaw3004 Nov 20, 2016
I'm white with black paws and the end of my tail and ears are black too
YellowDolphin YellowDolphin Dec 16, 2016
Here's a tip:
                              3DMG stands for '3 Directional Maneuver Gear' you do not need gear after it
LenaCarter0 LenaCarter0 Nov 24, 2016
Seeing this human fills him with, * poses fabulously* DETERMINATION
kai_inuzuka kai_inuzuka Jan 10
I'm black too (no I ain't racist) with a white spot on my belly
LeonardLChurchAlpha LeonardLChurchAlpha Dec 01, 2015
What if Levi was commanded my Erwin to seduce the Alpha to get him to release information about the packs ware about to find Eren.