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Y/n POV:
It was 9:00am and I had just got off the tube in London, tears rolling down my face. I previously had lived in bath but my ex dumped me after an argument, and kicked me out. I was planning on staying in a hotel, for a few nights at least and figure out what to do.

Firstly I decided I needed a coffee, that would make me feel a bit better I thought. I walked into Starbucks, I was the only one in there since it was so early. I ordered a skinny latte and perched on a seat at the back of the shop. For a while, I stared out of the window wondering what I was going to do with my life.

Before I knew it, tears were once again streaming down my face. A bell rang meaning someone had just entered. I didn't take notice just sipped on the coffee that was not making me feel any better. I buried my head in my hands hoping everything would just go back to normal. Suddenly a voice came from infront of me. I looked up.

There stood a beautiful boy about the same age as me.

Thankyou for readin...

KeziaW_xx KeziaW_xx Nov 28, 2016
I would say yes if it was Joe ❤ Anyone else, no. But Joe, yeah definitely... 😙
elliemay9230 elliemay9230 Apr 18, 2016
Just imagine meeting someone like this and say 'I'm your name by the way' lol
jishwa_ox jishwa_ox Sep 22, 2016
I would definitely say no even if it was Joe. You can't trust no one
SuggStylesMendes SuggStylesMendes Nov 29, 2016
I always change the y/n to Jade because my favourite story's main character is called Jade but my names not Jade
Demimere1212 Demimere1212 Jul 09, 2016
SassyBatz SassyBatz Oct 03, 2016
Roses are red porcupines are prickly, let's just say that escalated quickly