Call Me Daddy {Luke hemming}

Call Me Daddy {Luke hemming}

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LickMeHxemmings By robyn_fallen_hope Updated Feb 19, 2016

"So where did you's meet?" 

"In school"

"Cute what class did you have?" 

"Maths and he gave me the D if you know what im saying..."


lower case intended

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WhatIfIDontCare WhatIfIDontCare Nov 10, 2017
There’s this sixth year in my school (highest class in high school) and he looks exactly like 2005 Gerard!!!
peaceupcdizzle peaceupcdizzle Apr 28, 2016
You wish😅😅
                              JK. Mike and Gerard are both extremely pretty men
graycecoleman graycecoleman Feb 09, 2016
Ya same. Daddy kink is actually where during sexual intercourse the male gets off on the femal or the corresponding male calling him "daddy". I'm not trying to say you're wrong or anything I'm just agreeing with the other person
peaceupcdizzle peaceupcdizzle Apr 28, 2016
well that fcking escalated quickly 
                              You better be careful Hemmo
wastethenihgt wastethenihgt Nov 28, 2015
What you are describing is a dd/lg relationship, but not every person who likes to be called daddy is in a relationship like that, daddy kink starts with simply saying the name, it's not hardcore but still.
                              I'm not trying to attack you or say you're wrong I just thought I'd say that.
WallflowerNovak WallflowerNovak Oct 18, 2015
                              This is amazing! Your new version of blank space? So much better than the original. No offense if you are a Swifty or anything...