The After Effect (Book 2)

The After Effect (Book 2)

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A. L. Rains By alrains Updated 7 days ago

The After Effect follows the journey of Aurora, along with her friends, family, and the revolutionaries as they re-enter Earth and plunge into a quest to find the President's hidden bunker in D.C.

Will they all survive the barren lands in a new Earth and find the President?

You will soon discover.


Pichu_Pals Pichu_Pals Jul 07, 2016
Already excited for this book!!! I think you should put a short disclaimer to read your first book in your authors note just in case (even though the title says part 2)
fashionablady fashionablady Oct 29, 2016
It can't help that he probably does understand that, as much as he'd like to kill Brink, there is a very slim chance he could... Probably doesn't sit well on a man.
taelum taelum Jun 01, 2016
no --- i wanna see them fight over you --- *cough* yes separate them *winky fail*
AutumnsDreams AutumnsDreams Nov 06, 2015
If I were Aurora, I would've gone off on Travis. He is acting so bipolar right now.
Dnkwonder Dnkwonder Oct 23, 2015
Im so over travis and his anger issues. He needs to get over himself and one realize he is no match for brink or any of the five and two aurora can take care of herself thank you very much.
HappyAmber HappyAmber Oct 22, 2015
Question.  How did two earthlings have an alien daughter whose home planet is Mars?