My Broken Love

My Broken Love

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kira By kira106 Updated Oct 15

She's kind , he's ruthless
She's sweet , he's arrogant
She loves everyone , he hates most of the people around him ,
She cannot sleep without cuddling , he hates cuddling.....

Meet Alexzender : he is the ruthless alpha of the strongest pack of all , the red blood moon pack , he wants a mate who is arrogant , ruthless , pretty much he wants a female version of himself , who will never accept love from him , just lust .

Meet Lily : she is the daughter of the beta of blue stone moon pack , she really doesn't want much from her mate , she just want someone who is real and does not pretend .

So what would happen when these polar opposites will find out that they are mates , will Alexzender reject her or will Lily bring out the softie out of her broken and cold hearted mate .

Beautiful cover by @peakybooo

This is really good! I would never have guess English wasn't your first language
Don't feel bad my first language is actually English and I screw up the grammer sumtimes too.
Hey, @kira106 I successfully edited this first chapter!! I didn't change an of the text, just grammar, spelling, and wording. :)
jcrystel101 jcrystel101 Oct 20
Did you know the word "nice" used to mean "foolish" back in the old days. Just saying
I'm the opposite I see people at school and I'm just like, darn why are they here can't they all just be like sick or something and miss today
Is it really that hard to type you instead of u, I'm just saying