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The Devil In The Leather Jacket

The Devil In The Leather Jacket

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Ivory Somerhalder By Ivory_Somerhalder Completed

#36 in Teen Fiction on 15 Aug, 2016

"Okay. I will stop but whenever I feel like smoking I will kiss you instead. I need a new addiction and your lips feels so addictive." He whispered softly while looking away from her eyes to her pink plump lips.

"So do you feel like smoking right now?" Chloe asked softly to which he threw the cigarette away and brought Chloe on his lap.


"Then kiss me."


Chloe Chandler was never the one to blend in with the world. Who in the world would want to be friends with fat girl wearing old shirts and worn out jeans? The only people she hanged around was Audrey, who showed pity towards her and school's janitor who was kind enough to have lunch with her. 

As Cliché it sounds despite her flaws she was head over heels for the school's most popular boy, Andrew. Every girl can dream right? 

But not so Cliché when in comes The Devil himself wearing a sexy leather jacket.

Blind_Hawk Blind_Hawk Oct 29, 2016
 #rr funny to read my comment of my first time reading this ☝(of course I had to make a k pop fan comment)
vanold vanold Nov 21, 2016
Am I the only person who goes back to the description to see if there are any clues to if he's a good guy and she'll end up with him. Another guy will come along and she'll have to choose between them or if he's an asswipe and there's another guy who she ends up with. Just me. Okay cool
22sd_centurygeek 22sd_centurygeek Dec 20, 2016
I use to eat lunch with my teachers too. And I freaking lived my perks
wiiitchmom wiiitchmom Nov 26, 2016
There's someone at my school named Andrew Carter this makes me really uncomfortable lmao
Nicole_cal Nicole_cal Dec 25, 2016
The guy who has it all.  Great book  I'll try and stick with it till the end
I usually eat in the nurse's office too but for me it's because she's our cheer coach and it's way quieter and calmer in her office.