Yandere-kun x Reader (Truly Yours) [With Alternative Endings]

Yandere-kun x Reader (Truly Yours) [With Alternative Endings]

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Saki Miyu By xX_SenpaiQueen_Xx Completed

You just moved in to Akademi High School as a High School Student. On your way to school, you met a younger High School boy. Is he a nice guy or your psycho stalker?

I DO NOT own the characters in the story. Images used in this story are for entertainment purposes only and none of them belongs to me. Just the story.


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Name: BakeNeko (Cause) 
                               Eye: Purple                                                   Hair: Pink
                              Fav col: Grey
                              Fav food: Chocolate
                              Fav band: Panic! at the disco
                              Crush's name: Spade
                              Bff's name: Heart
Omfg hoi yandere kun please love me don't even kill anyone senpai is yours already
I'm sorry but don't steal my phone
                              I only have pictures of my friend's hair and a bunch of random photos for a scavenger hunt at the mall.
                              I seriously have a lot of pictures of her hair though. I could start a new portfolio. I only have a few pictures of myself and they're derpy af.
I hope yan-kun likes anime charactera and creepypasta😂😂✌✌
I don't have many pictures of myself but a lot of Korean idols and my pets. I hope Yan-kun is okay with that.😅
Well, I don't know if Yan-Kun likes Korean idols and MM memes so...