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The Billionaire's Model | MalexMale

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jùlian By JulianAltair Updated Mar 07, 2016

Nicolas Angels is a very serious man. He owns hotels all around the world and is son to one of the biggest investors in Europe. On top of all his hard work, he has a son. Though whilst people think Nicolas is nothing but an arrogant, heartless jerk, Nicolas actually feels for someone and loves this person so much.

Miles Palmer is a big model in the US. Miles is gay, and impossibly single. He loves literally everything, except one thing. Or shall I say, someone. Nicolas Angels. Just like everyone else, Miles thinks Nicolas is a selfish bastard, using women for their bodies. Though, how is that possible when Nicolas is head over heels for him and will literally do anything for him.

Will Nicolas confess his undying feelings? Will he be able to convince Miles that he is nothing but a sweet and caring man? Will Miles just unexpectedly fall for the gorgeous Italian man? Will there ever be a chance for the two in the world of fame and money?

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MaryHowlter MaryHowlter Nov 09
Idk, I use cologne if you pour it in your hand and then wipe; and I use perfume if you spray it.
When I was seven the grossest thing two people alone could do was fart. lol
aye I know this word since I searched up cuss words in different a year ago lol
alefatagoai alefatagoai Oct 03, 2016
perfume is a term for what females use but its called a cologne when it comes to male..
GothicDisturbance GothicDisturbance Nov 22, 2016
Cologne is just another word for perfume. One might say it was the masculine version on of the word like blonde is feminine and blond is masculine. I believe they're are separated because of the differences in smell not for gender reasons 
Those Italian classes I was forced to take in third grade are finally paying off