Abnormal Life

Abnormal Life

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Hannah, 17 years old. Her family background could be consider as bad and she suffering all alone. The only person who knows she was suffering was her only friend. She fall in the category nerd and geek. 

Nick, 17 years old. Family background: rich as hell. Everything about him is prefect. He have ZERO problem in life. He fall in the category popular and famous because of his look and smartness.

Both, Hannah and Nick went to the same tertiary school and took the same course. When they were assigned to work together as a team, will something good or bad happen between them?

sabah_0009 sabah_0009 Nov 06
No u have the wrong person my names actually touka kirishimi
God I hate it when I sound like a blonde but their in college right?
janxreid janxreid Sep 30, 2015
What will happen between Nick and Hannah omg cliff hangerssssss
janxreid janxreid Sep 29, 2015
I wonder what will happen between Hannah and Nick Wayne! I'm curious