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Gods eye, Ghostly sight/ Bill cipher X reader/

Gods eye, Ghostly sight/ Bill cipher X reader/

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YamxGrimLord By YamxGrimDarkLord13 Completed

The reader's mother sends reader to gravity falls after paying off a man known as Stan pines to take good care of the reader for her, the reader befriends dipper and Mabel only to be greeted by none other then bill cipher himself. The reader makes a deal unknowingly locking herself in a merry-go-round with the dream demon while dipper tries to find her a way out. 

-Picture used to make the cover is by elentori on deviant art-

It has a sequel! Two actually !

Bill X reader= " Golden cage" 

Dipper X reader= " Escaping God "

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Draw, listen to music, read, sleep, eat, play games, play guitar, watch movies, watch series, watch YouTube videos, daydream, do nothing.......that's about it, i think....Oh! And annoy my friends...that's all.😐😅😂
Was that pun intended? If so...... That was great! Jsjsjbwjxkjdjsjosjxhsolwndhsond
LolaLila2 LolaLila2 Jan 25
Drawing, reading, writing, singing, listening to music, disturbing random people I meet on the streets (the looks you get are just too funny), origami, slapping myself (pain is hilarious).
I like drawing, singing, being a huge dorky nerd, science, supernatural stuff, I am very Tom boyish ( but I do own like 3 dresses ) and I like writing too. I hate sports. ( people were sharing personalities and intrests so I shared too )
So by the comments I'm gonna guess that Bill indeed did a pun or? Am i just imagining again? 😂