What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know (Boyxboy)

What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know (Boyxboy)

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Mary By Drummstixx Completed

Nathen Dawson is so in love with his girlfriend, Tracy. The two of them are as happy as any couple can be, and there is literally nothing that can get in the way of their love.
Well....at least that's what Nathen thought. That's what he thought until someone who has been there for him his entire life starts to end up in the picture. That someone is none other than his best friend, Trevor. 
Confused and trapped in a serious love-triangle, Nathen begins to hide much more from his girlfriend. 

What his girlfriend doesn't know....is that he's also in love with his best friend. His male best friend.


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why the fûck you lying why you always lyin'.... ooohhhhmygod
I don’t hate cliches and I don’t like them either so win win!
Meromefan Meromefan Feb 26
Not true. This is incredibly homophobic, sexualizing  mlm like this.
Aktala Aktala 2 days ago
                              If he dumps her, can I have her?
yoongsquish yoongsquish 2 days ago
It’s been years since I read something straight but this is actually really cute
about to type amen but the entire world beat me to it wtv AMEN