What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know (Boyxboy)

What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know (Boyxboy)

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Mary By Drummstixx Completed

Nathen Dawson is so in love with his girlfriend, Tracy. The two of them are as happy as any couple can be, and there is literally nothing that can get in the way of their love.
Well....at least that's what Nathen thought. That's what he thought until someone who has been there for him his entire life starts to end up in the picture. That someone is none other than his best friend, Trevor. 
Confused and trapped in a serious love-triangle, Nathen begins to hide much more from his girlfriend. 

What his girlfriend doesn't know....is that he's also in love with his best friend. His male best friend.


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ahappydonut ahappydonut 2 days ago
i already have all those things so i don’t have to worry 😂😂😂jk i just don’t care
ClassyTrash_ ClassyTrash_ a day ago
I hate you Tracy. Go die. I mean, uh, get fries. That's what I said.
I don't like heterosexual stories even though I am one. It's just to weird for me.
ClassyTrash_ ClassyTrash_ a day ago
Just Trevor? I swear the first time I read that it said 'Just Gay'
honestly I could care less on how I look. I just wear black leggings, the same sweatshirt , have my hair in a ponytail, and wear tennis shoes everyday.
wHy dOes sHe hAvE tO bE inSeCurE thIs iS oNly gOnnA mAke mE fEeL wOrsE whEn hE bReaKs uP wIth hEr