Hotline Bling| g.d + e.d

Hotline Bling| g.d + e.d

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m By awhdolan Updated Dec 30, 2016

Dani's POV

Today is the day. I'm trying out for my football team this year. I've always been very fond of football but I've never tried out due of the fear of rejection especially because I'm a girl. 

I slipped on my high waisted denim shorts and white crop top to keep everything simple. Then put on my black vans. Previously I washed an brushed my hair so I didn't need to do it now. 

I walked downstairs and began to eat my breakfast. As I sat next to my older brother James he started talking about football.

"So Dani, your trying out for football this year rght?" He asked

"Yea, I'm hoping to get quarterback but I'll be fine if I at least get on the team. I can always improve." I said talking a bite out of my toast.

He shook his head showing he understood. We continued making small talk and eating until it was time to leave. I grabbed my bag and walked out the door to my brothers car with him in front of me. 

We hopped in and drove off to school. I really hope I get a spot on the ...

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chxmclouda chxmclouda Mar 12, 2016
Is no one going to acknowledge how stalkery that was?! No? Okay.
SmileDolan_ SmileDolan_ Feb 19
I wish I can tryout for the football team. I'm a girl and when I play with my guy friends they play like they would if they were playing with other guys with me
Her body will break like a noodle if she has that body and is a football player